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That should be the only censorship." "Youth -- our greatest resource -- is being seriously neglected in a vital respect.

The nation as a whole is not preparing teachers or building schools fast enough to keep up with the increase in our population." "I say with all the earnestness that I can command, that if American mothers will teach our children that there is no end to the fight for better relationships among the people of the world, we shall have peace." "Teachers need our active support and encouragement.

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It was: always take your job seriously, never yourself." "I was raised in a little town of which most of you have never heard. If you don't know anything about him, read your Westerns more.

Now that town had a code, and I was raised as a boy to prize that code.

It is what I do." "I belong to a family of boys who were raised in meager circumstances in central Kansas, and every one of us earned our way as we went along, and it never occurred to us that we were poor, but we were." "A famous Frenchman once said, 'War has become far too important to entrust to the generals.' Today, business, I think, should be saying: 'Politics have become far too important to entrust to the politicians'." "Censorship, in my opinion, is a stupid and shallow way of approaching the solution to any problem.

Though sometimes necessary, as witness a professional and technical secret that may have a bearing upon the welfare and very safety of this country, we should be very careful in the way we apply it, because in censorship always lurks the very great danger of working to the disadvantage of the American nation." "Don't join the book burners.

They had a practice then, in grocery stores, that I understand growing efficiency has eliminated -- always hoping that the grocer would say you can have one of the dried prunes out of the barrel over there.

But better than that was the dill pickle jar that you could dive into, sometimes arm deep almost, and try to get one.Quotes Agriculture • Anecdotes • Censorship • Children/Youth/Families • Civil Rights • Education • Government • Holocaust • Korean War • Labor • Leadership/Organization • Peace • The Presidency • Religion • Sports • War/Defense Agriculture "The proper role of government, however, is that of partner with the farmer -- never his master.By every possible means we must develop and promote that partnership -- to the end that agriculture may continue to be a sound, enduring foundation for our economy and that farm living may be a profitable and satisfying experience." "Thank goodness, many years ago, I had a preceptor, for whom my admiration has never died, and he had a favorite saying, one that I trust I try to live by. We had as our marshal for a long time a man named Wild Bill Hickok.They are doing one of the most necessary and exacting jobs in the land.They are developing our most precious national resource: our children, our future citizens." "I am not here, of course, as one pretending to any expertness on questions of youth and children -- except in the sense that, within their own families, all grandfathers are experts on these matters." "We have erased segregation in those areas of national life to which Federal authority clearly extends.So doing in this, my friends, we have neither sought nor claimed partisan credit, and all such actions are nothing more -- nothing less than the rendering of justice.

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