Threesome on chatzy - Adult park chat room

Police say they are limited in what they can do when it comes to policing the sites because they are constantly evolving. They say it's up to Mom and Dad to keep a constant eye on what their kids are doing online. She gets monitored no matter what she does," parent Paula Archer said when WTOC showed her the site.Police say parents should keep computers in a public area like the living room.

The incredible story is now being chronicled in a book titled The Park Odyssey.

I receive quite a few emails asking what happened, why we had to shut down, if we will be re-opening, etc.

Children should never be left alone near computers and shouldn't be allowed to have them in their bedrooms without supervision.

Also - police say parents can ask their children to leave cell phones downstairs on the kitchen table before bed.

The video chat sites like Chatroulette and Omegle market themselves as pairing strangers with each other.

We talked to one mother who wants to remain anonymous.

Here are a few family-friendly park perks you may not know about so you can enjoy a worry-free day in our NEW Camp Snoopy with the little ones.

Living two hours away from Carowinds has spoiled us over the years.

Parents can also check the internet history to see where their children have been surfing.

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