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He had explained to her that he feels a submissive or a slave is a wondrous gift, what she gives is the truest and purest form of love and devotion.

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He had finally convinced her it was not her lot in life to only be a toy for the pleasure of someone else, she deserved to feel the pleasures and live the desires that are inside of her.

Their friendship online turned into a courtship, it had been a slow one, her fears always keeping them just one step apart. There were a few setbacks but mostly due to panic and fear.

He knew her name was Molly, he knew some of her past wasn’t very pretty. It had continued as she lost her home and was on the street, no one cares about you on the street, that he knows for sure.

Her life so far, at such an early age, had been less than pleasant. She began to feel like maybe they were right, she was nothing, just something to be used. After talking to her online for some time, he knew he wanted to protect her and show her she was not worthless, but a gift to cherish.

She has plenty for her to occupy her time, but not to fill the lonely spot.

Of course, she will be brave until he can be there every day.

For now, you can go watch TV if you want.” He picks up the dishes and goes into the kitchen, she keeps thinking the other shoe has to drop soon, this is so too good to be true. After a short time, he calls to her from the bathroom, she guesses the dishes are done and the tub is ready.

She heads in to the bathroom where he is sitting on the pot.“ Time for your bath Molly, so lets get out of those clothes.” He tells her as he watches.

She thought, “there is nowhere here for me.”As they leave the Master Bedroom he opens a door just inside the room, it leads to another bedroom.

This one is a little girls room, a place to be a little and really play, what ever part she wants.

I will give you that time to make sure you are prepared.” He turns and walks to the stairs, going up, nothing else said.“ Prepared for what Sir,” she says too softly for him to hear. She has been waiting for him to show how abusive he can be, like they always do and tonight must be the night. Still she goes into her room and get some pretty perfume and dabs it, brushes her hair and then slips into one of her prettiest sundresses, a nice light blue.

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