Amanda peet jack nicholson dating

But Meyer is clearly convinced that if she tells us something enough times she can get away without ever showing it.

How do we know, for example, that Keaton's character, Erica Barry, is a brilliant, accomplished playwright?

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But that would be giving it too much credit, because it's hardly a movie at all.

It's more like the pitch for a movie, not a film but a project, the brainstorm of an agent-you know, the astronaut. He's done with Shirley Mac Laine and back to dating young girls.

Again and again, characters in the film refer to her strength, her independence, her decisiveness.

This, despite the fact that she spends half the movie giggling and the other half sobbing.

remakes) knows exactly what each scene is supposed to do and sends loud enough signals that everyone in the audience knows, too.

The problem is that all too often Meyer uses this collective knowledge as an excuse not to have the scene actually what we all know it was supposed to do."The truth is," Keaton concludes, "it goes by fast, doesn't it? Here are two people who do not need to know each other, they need only to know how to access knowledge of each other: contemporary love!The film is full of moments like this, shorthand scenes that are needed to further the plot or fulfill the requirements of the genre, but that Meyer never took the time to Meyer's authorial laziness is further enabled by the casting of Keaton and Nicholson, both of whom are so familiar to moviegoers that the business of developing their characters is largely done for her.Nicholson and Keaton take an immediate dislike to each other, but all four nonetheless decide to stay at the beach house together.("We're all sophisticated people," explains Mc Dormand.) That night, during foreplay with Peet, Nicholson suffers a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.Writer-director Nancy Meyer opens the film with perhaps the most painfully contrived setup since the cancellation of "Three's Company." Nicholson and his young girlfriend (Amanda Peet) go to her mother's gorgeous Hamptons beach house to spend the weekend consummating their relationship.

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