Aquarius man dating a leo woman 2016 100 dating site in norway

In fact, she wants all freedom to do as she pleases.

His seemingly lack of control will be a source of frustration.

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Mentally they are on the same wave length, but at times physically and emotionally they are worlds apart.

The Leo man’s romance will fall on deaf ears for the practical Aquarius woman.

The Aquarius woman’s exuberance is what will first attract the Leo man.

The Leo man Aquarius woman are both logical thinkers and the leadership qualities of the Leo man will result in him feeling his way is the right way.

Neither of them will change their elementary characteristics for each other.

As opposites generally do, the Leo man Aquarius woman lovebirds are able to learn a lot from each other. They will both be very difficult to live with but if they are able to find a shared passion or emotional connection they could overcome some of their differences.His love for adoration and the down to earth Aquarius woman are so very opposite in their needs for survival.She will become irritated with his constant need of having his ego stroked. Leo man Aquarius woman do have a ton of energy between them.What more could the Leo man want than a partner that not only pays attention when he speaks but is engaging and friendly.The Aquarius woman notices his need for adoration and equates it to living in the moment, and is drawn to him.The Leo man Aquarius woman love compatibility is underpinned by their mutual humanitarian values but struggles with his possessiveness and jealousy.

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