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I have been married since 2002 but we have been together since 1993 but its been a struggle. His mum and dad plus EIGHT other brothers and sisters, along with their wives and My husband is Muslim in name only.Feel free to message me x hi halzer i was thinking i was the only one !! Im not muslim but I have 'dabbled' in Islam when I was younger, but in my old age I have come to the conclusion that religion as a whole doesnt really add up to me.Firstly, to prove to my MIL that not all english women are like Kat Slater from Eastenders ( which was her original perception of me). Hi there, slightly different in that my dad was Bengali and my mum's English so I am one of those mixed race kids!

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MOONDOG...sorry I didnt see your message amongst all of my waffle! LOL, I think mixed marriages are harder when the familys start getting involved and cause trouble for the couple just because of the cultural differences.

That has been my number one headache, especially from my MIL and other 'gossipy' old women.

I hate the touching feet thing as I am Muslim by birth but that it a distinctly hindu tradition.... Plus, I refuse to cover my head in MIL presence and she hates me for it.

MOst of our issues tho have been to do with them interferring with my kids. I am picking up Bengali but again for the same reason is I like to know what is being said, and i assure you there is plenty. my husband is Bengali-British (born here) and my in laws speak Shyleti (which my 3-yo already speaks better than me! I've got to say I actually like sitting there blissfully ignorant of what's being said... We got together in 1998 and finally married in 2004 after years of trying to split up because we didn't know how on earth we were going to deal with the family issue.

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West Bengal is the state of celebration and varieties.

my dh has always spoke english to them so they havent picked it up which is a shame as kids are more receptive to another language at a young dont associate them selves as half bengali at all but thats partly because they dont have any of his family around to encourage maybe a bit to do with me dh is always watching the bengali channels on tv and the kids just cant stand it you have that trouble?

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