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A nice mix of folks, under the care of Maria, our knowledgeable and At this point , make sure to measure yourself, keeping in mind that you haven’t gotten to the main meal yet, you are still in appetize phase.Be sure to keep room to experience the different cuts of beef and malbec wine. After leaving Cafe Bar Defensa, Maria took us on a tour of area right up to Plaza Dorrego.

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In the huge clubs and notorious pick-up joints of Buenos Aires — some of the Irish bars of the Retiro neighborhood jump to mind — women may receive unwanted random groping from young men who can’t handle their alcohol.

The best reaction is a firm reproach or even a yell, “no!

Finally, the one thing Argentinians love is their ice-cream.

It is often ordered by the kilo and delivered to people’s home.

This plaza is one of the oldest in the city and a “must visit” for any tourist in the area.

This plaza is usually bustling with activity especially on Sunday’s, but it was relatively calm because it was a national holiday.

LA RIOJA is the capital of the province of the same name.

A small city of 110,000 people it is 700 miles by car west northwest of Buenos Aires.

The tour was conducted in San Telmo, one of the most historic and bohemian Gran Parrilla del Plata is an excellent choice to highlight on the tour.

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