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"What's your name..." "XXX" "Why are you going to New York? Know your rights, and express them quickly.11)Despite most people's conceptions, I cannot take a random traveler and perform an anal search. First, anal searches aren't particularly fun to do; second, despite what you think, our intention is not to humiliate you. We love IDs.**16) There are three reasons why we might ask you to step out of the car:`-Randomness.Third, you can complain pretty easily, sue the agency; if nothing was found on you - nothing at ALL - it looks VERY bad for me, and for our agency. To perform a complete search we need some serious proofs.12) It is true you can probably carry weed and not get caught, but I wouldn't risk it. We choose a few travellers every hour for some more random questions. Etc.-We did not like something we saw on your file.The truck crossing (which is also open for cars) is where you want to go. They ask you a routine question on the screen and see how you fare with it. Persona searches are much rarer, unless you already hid stuff on you (and even there). When I flew to Disney World for our honeymoon (1 year after the incident) the passport guy paused for a minute after swiping my papers (thankfully didn't hold us up at all). the idea that a seriously dedicated criminal knows all this stuff, can deal with it, and the only thing you're going to catch are idiots who bought a dime bag or an extra bottle of whisky?

This includes past employers, time worked there, etc. Are we talking terrorist, political, social, other? As an American, in my experience getting into Canada is a breeze compared to returning home. Getting arrested, in front of your children, patted down, led in a small room alone, have your entire life checked... He crossed the border, stopped at literally the first house he came to, rang the doorbell, and then explained to the man who answered that he was here because his God-given wife needed him.

I also have access to your full criminal file, and your full travel history (border)Can you elaborate on "any possible organisation relation." What does that mean? The Canadians are always very polite and only ask a few questions. Needless to say, the supervisor was furious, but the agent had theoretically acted "by the book." More than half of americans who cross the borders have some food with them (if not every). The Canadian at the door was not amused, to say the least, and hilarious shenanigans occurred, long story short my uncle is not allowed to visit Canada ever again.

Oh, don't try to bribe me by the way, especially after I ask you to step out of your car. EDIT: Just to clarify: if it's on your passport application, I have access to it. We share the data with US agents - black lists, warning list, suspects list, criminal files, etc. "I was half-hoping my uncle's story would be on there.

If it's related to your SIN, I have access to it. I obviously get much less information on americans visiting canada than canadians getting back home, which is why going back to canada as a canadian is a breeze compared to americans getting in. He's schizophrenic and once journeyed to Canada because God told him there was a wife waiting for him there.

The peach arch is for dumb tourists that can't be bothered to get off I-5. Then again if the day is busy, you only been there for a few days, you see trustworthy, the agent is feeling nice, he will let it go.

Both northbound and southbound the peace arch crossing gets all of the tourists who are not familiar with the usual questions and usual procedure, take forever to dig up their ID when they get to the window, or freak out at the questions. You might not know it, but there are a lot of fake IDs, and people trying to pass with one. Define what you mean by full search: only car, or also your persona?Great, now I have a potential business relation, and I have to ask tons of questions about your visa, tax information, etc. Depending on the pest climate and diet tolerance, the resulting infestation can potentially be more dramatic, and impact any number of systems. Trucks crossing the border with produce are probably carrying export certified produce, which makes it a fairly easy thing.One particular day, there was absolutely no one stopped. But when it comes by car, it's suddenly toxic (we have to DESTROY them!! The poor woman was seen eating a celery while crossing the borders. Cargo ships coming in to port not only have the produce inspected, but the cargo containers and ship holds as well. Edit: This is in no way in reference to the particular story you told. I just wanted to explain some of the reason behind the produce rules. I live in Vancouver and go to Bellingham/Seattle a few times a year, I'll keep these points in mind. I cross at Point Roberts (from Tsawwassen, BC) occasionally to fill my car up with gas. About 2 years ago I crossed the border (in my car) to go to Buffalo to do some shopping with a couple girls I didn't really know.No drug, no weapons, not even the slightest hint of a threat. I being asked "what's the purpose of your visit" to which I'd say "cheaper gas", and then I'd get fucking interrogated for 15 minutes about where I work, and where I went to school, why am I in Tsawwassen if I live in North Van, etc etc. So we'd go down to see them once or twice a month. I had a thick, fluffy blanket I carried everywhere with me, and it had a loose corner where some of the stuffing was coming out. If you can let someone else drive and it's his or her car, you should do so.Until a co-worker arrested a poor woman with her three kids, claiming he found something "big" and would perform full drug searches on the woman AND the kids (in case she hid drugs on them, I guess). We arrest adults who molest kids and call them pedophiles, but when an officer pats down a kid, it becomes legal. I think the agent was a newcomer because he acted so stupidly I could barely believe it. We got pulled over and searched, and they ripped my blankie open looking for drugs. Unfortunately, you will have to hand your passport and it's very probable they will ask extra questions. How long you've been in the US, what did you declare, etc. Here is the best tactic when you carry, let's say, a bit more than you are allowed:`-If you have much more than allowed, ship it to yourself back home.

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