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Instead, you take on the role of Enzo Bryson, a talented but free-spirited 26 year old playboy from a rich family.In an effort to teach Enzo a lesson, his parents strip him of his corporate resources and credit accounts.

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If they really get around but want to settle down, it's Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.

A Handsome Lech has more negative connotations and a sparser scorecard than the Casanova.

It is their intention for Enzo to suffer until they return from a business trip in 30 days.

In their minds this should be more than enough time for their foolish son to have come to his senses and make the decision to join the company (Tritus Technologies) or be removed from family records.

The latter is considered one of the more faithful adaptations of Casanova's memoirs, while Fellini's... For the juvenile version — all of the above without the sex — see Kid-anova.

Contrast the Serial Romeo (who falls in love with a long succession of women, one at a time and for reasonable periods).The trope is named for Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798), a soldier, spy, diplomat, adventurer, and librarian whose extensive but unreliable autobiography (in which he almost literally described himself as God's Gift to Women) established his eternal fame as a lover.It should be noted that the historical Casanova was closer to a Chivalrous Pervert who really was looking for love...You may need to improve one of three stats in order to say certain things or choose certain options.These stats are: Athletics, Precision, and Composure.Many films, TV movies and TV mini-series are named for and based on that person.

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