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Doesn't matter if you are in church, or at a social event/activity, the answer is almost always "im getting married" or my boyfriend of 5 years, or something like that.

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A female told me most folks here traditionally meet threw mutual friends, schools, jobs etc but tend to be more closed off to someone just approaching them due to various factors (which are lame factors by the way).

Anyway Im still trying to remain optimistic but I just wanted to see what other people thought about this feel free to post. kind of on topic, and kind of not, has anyone else noticed that good looking people (I'm bi, so I'm saying this about both dudes and chicks) are VERY boring?

Maybe a few places like NYC are a little better in this regard, as it's hard to not be interesting in some places like that.

But of course if you're just in a typical American small town or suburb, things get very provincial and mainstream.

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I read on a couple of websites that Kansas City is voted #1 worst place for dating.

I've heard Texas is kind of a sausagefest too, though I found the women they do have are very attractive compared to the whales here in KC (actually, I don't mind somewhat plump girls except for when they too have attitude).

Not sure how any of this plays out on the field though.

I've heard plenty of bad things about the social and singles culture in Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, SF, and even DC (! KU though I hear has slightly more men (like 50.5% men, nothing too dramatic).

I have heard that the entire west coast is a sausagefest, and that Chicago and some east coast cities like NYC have way more women.

I feel this is indicative of a more "provincial" mindset, prevalent in the small towns and rural counties surrounding this metro.

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