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- Days before the 2005 NHL draft, when 17-year-old Sidney Crosby was interviewing with all 30 teams, the New York Rangers asked him the mother of all questions.

"They asked, 'If we could give you a pill that you could take that would guarantee that you would be part of a Stanley Cup-winning team and a Olympic gold medal team, but you couldn't live past age 25, would you take that pill? Crosby knew the Rangers were trying to ascertain whether he would be willing to do anything for his team.

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"And my opinion may be different than their opinion, but it's not the place to get into an argument over my opinion and your opinion.

They are trying to do their job the best they can, and I have to do my job by answering the question the best I can." He is far more likely to mix it up with a Philadelphia Flyers forward than to end up in a verbal sparring match with the media.

He travels down that road to find information, not to provide it.

"I'm pretty old-fashioned," Crosby told USA TODAY Sports. Because I do a lot of interviews, people might believe I want my opinion heard. This just comes with the territory." Crosby has patience with the puck on the ice — and with his off-ice obligations.

But Sid stays and answers the question." As the face of the league, he has his share of critics.

The comment section of stories about Crosby usually has plenty of fans complaining that he gets too much attention or that he "whines" at officials to get calls."We can see why everybody loves him because he treats everyone with respect." Even with that, Crosby has managed to maintain some level of privacy. PHOTOS: NHL player power rankings "I'm probably not going to a movie at 7 p.m. "But even if I didn't play hockey — let's say I was a firefighter — I wouldn't probably go to at 7 o'clock show on a Friday.If I'm going to a movie, it's going to be in the afternoon, on a Monday, when it is a little quieter." He offers another example."I don't think it is possible to do more for a league than Sid has done," said Pittsburgh Penguins President David Morehouse.Crosby arrived in the NHL right after the canceled 2004-05 season."I may not always have the most exciting answers, but that's who I am.

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