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Great Danes (fawn, brindle) Favorites: Ch Mountdania’s Ms Avant-Garde, Ch Calico Rock’s Carly v Win-Jamer, Ch Calico Rock’s Hali v Win-Jamer Other breeds: Newfoundlands 2. Size, Sound Temperament, Square Structure, Dignity and Stalwart. Topline problems are the result of not knowing how to use nutrition and how to rest and exercise a young, developing puppy. My original breed was Great Danes, purchased from Carnell Gurrath in 1968. In 2003, co-bred a litter of Danes with Betty Matchett and got another from Jim and Dorothy Lindbloom.

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Long, rectangular head; square outline with proper proportions. Straight shoulders, short upper arms; restricted side gait, rolling hocks; improper balance; lacking good breed head type.

A dog of great size and substance with proud bearing and stable temperament. Lack of size and substance – too “refined.” Poor fronts and bad tail carriage.

John & Jessie Gerszewski, Don Carmody, Carnell Gurrath. Breed type first, well balanced, head, bone, movement, size & elegance. Lack of breed type, lack of size in dogs and bitches (they are supposed to be the Apollo of dogs), poor shoulders & forechest.

Breed type, temperament, structural soundness, movement 5.

A square build with balanced quarters and a sound running gear.

Gender (males and bitches) should be evident Back 1.

Favorite: Ch Sheron’s Kahlua and Cream Other breeds: American Staffordshire Terriers, Whippets 2. Clare Lincoln, Louise Van Alstyne, Lisa De Roulet 4. Lack of soundness, lack of underjaw, too much length of loin and back Back 1.

Solid breed type; healthy/sound construction; Apollo with a correct head, neck, topline; move correctly; balance and correct proportion 5.

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