Dating a usan women

References I have a feeling I'm going to find an answer to these questions... "use this to our advantage when we’re looking for love" - Why do you want your advantage to be tricking someone into thinking you look a certain way, whether it be healthier, younger or sexier?

Too much like hard work, when one can just ride for free off the back of Western Female Privilege, instead. Following from that mentality, 'reframing' one's lack of good looks via makeup, becomes a more necessary tactic.

Lying that fat women aren't attractive - and lying that it's men's problem for not deluding themselves on behalf of physically-lazy, desk-job-sedentary, lifestyle-incompetent women, is another attempted tactic.

Since women’s fertility is linked to youth and health, why not use makeup to promote impressions that are consistent with those characteristics?

As for the longstanding question of why most men don’t typically wear similar makeup, evolutionary psychologists might point out that men have different demands when it comes to reproduction.

If we only leave the intelligent people ONE choice: to LIE to the idiots who need to be lied-to, and those idiots are more likely to be women, due to being protected from their own folly, then women need to start being VASTLY more responsible for the men they create in society.

All men come from women (and to a lesser-extent, all women come from men, mothers have more influence than fathers, face it). Lying about this causes suffering when people expect to get away with abuses and shallow manipulations of all kinds, are a form of abuse.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, and -project- too much, too...

Makeup and obsession with looks is a desperate measure, related to insecurity, in effect.

Likewise, skin homogeneity and facial similarity, both signs of good health, have wide appeal (Fink, Grammer, & Thornhill, 2001; Thornhill & Gangestad, 1993).

To a lesser extent, other features associated with sexual arousal (plump lips, for example) may be perceived as beautiful, because they have reliably fostered reproduction. Here’s what we know: In general, modern cosmetics do seem to target features that make sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

Within our bag of tricks, we typically find similar products—foundation, eye shadow and liner, blush, lipstick, etc.

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