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Dedicated to traditional fare, the restaurant features dishes such as fresh fish cooked using the court-bouillon method, which quickly poaches the seafood.All entrees are served with edible flowers and herbs fresh from the garden.Bathe in a pool beneath La Cascade aux Écrevisses ("Waterfall of the Crayfish") or take in the breathtaking beauty of the Carbet Waterfalls.

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In the 1600s, the French murdered many of the Caribs, and in 1674, the islands were annexed to France.

Over the next century, France and England jostled for control over Guadeloupe's lucrative sugar trade.

In Guadeloupe, it's impossible to not have spectacular views of either the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea from hotels such as La Cocoteraie, La Toubana Hotel & Spa and Le Creole Beach Hotel, all located on Grande-Terre.

These hotels also have swimming pools, private beach access and on-site restaurants and bars.

It's worth taking time on Route de la Traversée, the road that cuts across the national park.

It's a stretch of road with turnoffs to some of the island's most accessible natural attractions.

Set deep within the rainforest, the treehouses and ground-level bungalows are television and Internet-free, allowing guests to feel in harmony with nature.

The ecolodge's spa is set within the center of a tropical garden with waterfalls and warm pools, affording views of the Caribbean.

Made by French artist Albert Fage, the bronze bust features a painted replica of Cousteau's signature red hat.

Although the Caribs successfully fought off the Spanish, who had tried to take Guadeloupe, they were no match for the French.

Just as Cousteau did over half a century ago, visitors can duck beneath the waves to snorkel or dive with hundreds of colorful species of fish, coral, eels, sea turtles and small sharks.

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