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The National Forests and Grasslands are all yours to discover, enjoy and care for and are some of the most accessible public lands available; both in the variety of activities - hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, motorized sports, skiing, and more - and their geographic spread - seven in ten Americans live within a two-hour drive of a National Forest.When we say "It's all yours to explore, discover and care for" we mean that.Visit the Discover the Bitterroot store in the lobby of the Forest Service office in Hamilton.

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These new settlements generally lacked justice systems found in populated portions of the territory, such as in the territorial capital in Lewiston, Idaho. Almost all economic transactions in western mining communities were accomplished with gold nuggets, flakes or dust as currency and not surprisingly, the more gold one had, the more wealth one possessed.

In 1863, gold was the preferred form of currency in western frontier communities and had a value, fixed and guaranteed by the U. During the early years of the territory, there was no secure way to transport wealth out of the region.

Much of its beauty can be attributed to the heavily glaciated, rugged peaks of the Bitterroot Range.

Drainages carved by glaciers form steep canyons that open into the valley floor.

Less than a year after the Grasshopper Creek find, on May 26, 1863, gold was discovered along Alder Gulch, a tributary creek northeast of the Ruby River that lies between the Tobacco Root Mountains and the Gravelly Range and 70 miles (110 km) east of Bannack.

The Alder Gulch find became one of the largest placer mining gold fields in the western U. The mining settlements of Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana, which sprang up in Alder Gulch, boasted thousands of prospectors and fortune seekers by the end of 1863.

Your efforts will ensure they remain healthy and vibrant places to recreate for generations to come.

Looking for that unique outdoor or nature related gift?

Recreation opportunities abound here including camping at 24 developed campgrounds and 5 groupsites, hiking on more than 1,600 miles of trails, fishing for brook and rainbow trout in crystal-clear Alpine lakes, boating, biking, horseback riding and more.

The history of vigilante justice and the Montana Vigilantes began in 1863 in what was at the time a remote part of eastern Idaho Territory.

As lawlessness increased, vigilante justice continued there with the formation of the Committee of Safety in 1865.

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