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Most dating sites use between 20 to 50 ad trackers.e Harmony, which has 42 ad trackers, told Observer that it collects user data only for the purpose of optimizing matching.

If you look at the success of some of the most popular sites on the web, it seems to be a mixed verdict.

The average site portrays a kind of “mom and pop” flair that instantly lowers people’s built-in B. They pride themselves on a site that may not be much to look at, but it’s incredibly easy to use and understand.

This avoids confusing new users on the front end, while giving more experience customers everything they want at the back.

Craigslist has remained relatively unchanged since 1995, only expanding to include more cities and countries .

If you’re starting an online community, you might want to use a similar strategy.

Instead of investing time and money into creating a flashy, impressive website that works better than your competitors, just focus on what people really want: having lots of other people around.

Activity logs are mostly used by advertisers for targeting purposes., for example, uses 150 ad trackers on its platform, the highest number among major dating sites, another study by Axios found.

In fact, the amount of sensitive information dating sites have makes them an even more provocative target to hackers.“One added bonus that they afford hackers are more detailed data points that can help round out the target’s personality/user profile.

These types of details and personal data are the ultimate weapons for hackers as they are anxious to strengthen their ammunition, improve their databases and ultimately wreak havoc however they can do best,” Frances Zelazny Most mainstream dating apps start tracking your activities on their platforms the moment you open the homepage.

Back in 1997, they plastered the site with banners, browser buttons, and a cluttered logo that breaks the rules of good logo design. EBay knows this, and so the entire website is designed to help them.

Today, they’ve toned down their elementary school-inspired color scheme, nixed the banners and provided a clearer path to action on the homepage, and their logo remains one of the most recognizable in the world. EBay’s pages are designed to take you to the products you want to buy, as quickly as possible. If you’re running an e-commerce site, it’s a good approach to model, because everyone pretty much understands it.

Its design hasn’t changed in more than 10 years, and as long as it continues to grow, it probably won’t change for another 10. For Google, it’s, “search.” For e Bay’s, it’s, “buy (or sell) stuff.” For Plenty Of Fish, it’s, “get a date.” So, think about it: Why did your visitors come to your website? Answer those questions, and whether or not your website is “ugly” will become secondary. About the Author: Sherice Jacob helps businesses improve web design, performance and conversions at i

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