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“We have now found three whole coins, along with two eroded ones, apparently from the same series, and assume we'll find more in the future.” The Persians ruled the kingdom during the time the coins were minted. “These were the first coins ever minted by Jews,” Dvira told YNETNews.

They are inscribed with the letters YHD, which references the name for the Persian province of Yehud. “They express the people's return to their land after the Babylonian exile, and their ability to hold and maintain diplomatic ties with the ruling empire -- then Persia -- similar to our relations with the United States today.

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In February, for example, archaeologists announced the discovery of a clay seal mark that may bear the signature of the Biblical Prophet Isaiah.

Also in February, experts revealed that they had uncovered a rare multicolored Roman mosaic featuring three toga-wearing figures during excavations in the ancient city of Caesarea.

Eilat Mazar during excavations below the Temple Mount’s southern Wall. “While several of the coins date to the early years of the revolt, the great majority are from its final year, otherwise known as, ‘Year Four’ (69-70 CE),” explained Hebrew University, in a statement.

The coins were left behind by people hiding in a large cave between 66 A. “Significantly, during the final year, the Hebrew inscription on the coins was changed from ‘For the Freedom of Zion’ to ‘For the Redemption of Zion,’ a shift which reflects the changing mood of the rebels during this period of horror and famine.” MAJOR BIBLICAL DISCOVERY: ARCHAEOLOGISTS MAY HAVE FOUND THE PROPHET ISAIAH'S 'SIGNATURE' The find was made shortly before the Jewish observance of Passover, which began on March 30.

There are 22 consonant letters in the Hebrew alphabet and these are also used to represent numbers. If you get a chart of the Hebrew alphabet you will be able to translate the date.

The coins were discovered by Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. The tumultuous four-year period spanned the Roman siege of Jerusalem to the destruction of the Second Temple and the city.In the Book of Ezra, it is recorded that Darius the Great completed the construction, circa 516 BCE.These Yehud coins are a material manifestation of the era, and stem from the end of the brief Jewish rule under the Persian Empire.Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up Only three were clearly identified as these silver Yehud coins minted in Jerusalem by Jews during the Persian era, as well as two others which are suspected to be of the same class.All told, in Israel to date there are 193 archaeologically provenanced coins which were minted locally throughout the Holy Land during the Persian era. The Yehud coins were minted during a rare period in which Jews semiautonomously ruled under the Persian Achaemenid Empire, from circa 539-332 BCE, in a province called Yehud Medinata.Other discoveries at the site include broken pottery vessels, including jars and cooking pots, offering a fascinating glimpse into Jerusalem’s turbulent ancient history.

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