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Qusar is located in Eurasian continent, in the north-eastern inclination of the main Caucasus Mountain ridge.It is located between 41°11’ - 41°45’ latitude North and 47°52’ - 48°41’ longitude East.

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Until the fourth century, infanticide was neither illegal nor immoral.

The anthropologist Laila Williamson notes that infanticide has been practiced by nearly all civilizations.

Mineral sources such as limestone, chalcopyrite, limonite, and marble are common in the district.

Qusar and Samur are main rivers of the Qusar District. For size of its territory Qusar takes the 14th place among the other rayons of Azerbaijan.

Mountains, among which is also Shahdagh Mount, take the great part of the rayon.

Territory of the rayon occupies the north-eastern part of Azerbaijan. Even in the ancient times the territory of the rayon took a good position on a junction of the main trade roads. The local relief within Qusar district consists of mountains and valleys.

There is another view that the word "qusar" derived from ancient Turkish tribe called “qus/ quz” and “ar” means male. Bakikhanov also used the word “qusar” in his book called “Gulistani – Iram”.

He described the events took place in the village called Qusar.

About 40% of teenage girls ages 14-17 say they know someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend.

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