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“I could feel my lungs and my heart, everything inside me was like crumbling, it felt like it was crumbling.” Staff at Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital, where Hannah was flown by the Royal Flying Doctor after being stung, saved the 14-year-old’s life.“In all honesty we probably should have put her in an induced coma 24 hours before we did and so there’s conversations that need to happen around what to do next time and make sure we are not in this position again with other families,” Hannah’s mum, Casey, said.

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Haunting images of bloodied clothes and a kitchen steak knife from the 2014 'Slender Man' stabbing have been released by police in the US.

The Waukesha Police Department on Friday released images of the 12-year-old victim's clothes, after those responsible for the stabbing - fellow sixth graders, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier - were sentenced to a combined 65 years in a mental hospital, recently the wounds are "still red and angry more than three years later. Geyser and Weier claim they were under the influence of the fictional called "Slender Man" at the time of the attack.

Goran Bubnjevic, 46, sent his three kids off to safety and spent the day with his wife holding back the flames, which at one point were right next to their fence. Fire investigators and police are working to establish how the fire was started.

NSW Police have declared the area a crime scene but the RFS says it's too early to declare if the blaze was deliberately lit.

website, the sting is usually mild but the symptoms – referred to as Irukandji Syndrome – can be life-threatening.

They take around half-an-hour to develop, and include “lower backache or a headache, overall body pain, muscular cramps or shooting pains in the victim’s muscles, chest and abdomen, nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulties”.

Irukandji are most common in tropical Australian waters between November to May, if you are stung it’s best to douse the area in vinegar (if that’s not available, use sea water) and call emergency services immediately. After having periods where she thought she was going to die, she’s looking forward to the rest of her life.

“I’ll definitely be anxious to go back in the water because I nearly died but I don’t know, I hope to go back to the way things were and I’m excited to go back to the way things were,” she told The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have come to an end with a heavily-criticised closing ceremony.

And residents, too, were forced to defend their homes against the oncoming flames.

"I was fighting one of the fires around the back and I had a phone call from my wife saying there was a massive koala running through our vacant land," a resident told .

“I heard her say in the hospital, ‘Mum, can you just let me die? Not being able to make it better as a parent has been the hardest thing.” Irukandji jellyfish are a species of box jellyfish.

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