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Spring Security OAuth project provides all the necessary API we might need in order to develop an OAuth2 compliant implementation using Spring.

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Request Method; import com.websystique.springmvc.model. Employee; import com.websystique.springmvc.service. Employee Service; @Controller @Request Mapping("/") public class App Controller contains the outcome of this validation and any error that might have occurred during this validation. If you like tutorials on this site, why not take a step further and connect me on Facebook , Google Plus & Twitter as well?

In the Next post, we will tests this application thoroughly with unit & integration tests, using Test NG, Mockito, DBUnit and testing best practices.

At minimum, you should be aware of four key concepts in OAuth2: OAuth2 defines four roles: In our example, our REST API can only be accessed via Resource server which will require an access token to be present with request An authorization grant is a credential representing the resource owner’s authorization (to access its protected resources) used by the client to obtain an access token. You & your friends can always link my site from your site on and share the learning.

The specification defines four grant types: grant type. After all, we are here to learn together, aren’t we?

Now click on SSN link (which is an update) of 2nd record to update it: Now edit some fields, in addition change the SSN value to a value for an existing record: Try to update, you should get validation error on SSN: Fix that error by changing SSN to unique value, update, and then view complete list of records, update changes should be taken into account: Finally check the database at this moment : That’s it.

Open browser and browse at Hibernate Example/ Now click on “Add New Employee”, and click on Register button wihtout filling any detail: Now fill the details Click on Register, you should get something similar to: Click on list to go to listing: Now add few records as before: Now click on delete link of Second record, it should get deleted.Big players like Google, Facebook and others are already using their own OAuth2 implementations for quite some time.Enterprises too are moving fast towards OAuth2 adoption.The code samples of this post is inspired by that examples itself. I would love to hear your thoughts on these articles, it will help me improve further our learning process.The intention of this post is to just use bare-minimum functionality required in order to secure our REST API, nothing more. If you appreciate the effort I have put in this learning site, help me improve the visibility of this site towards global audience by sharing and linking this site from within and beyond your network. Now build the war (either by eclipse as was mentioned in previous tutorials) or via maven command line( : For those of us, who prefer to deploy and run from within eclipse, and might be facing difficulties setting Eclipse with tomcat, the detailed step-by-step solution can be found at : How to setup tomcat with Eclipse.

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