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This does not mean that single mothers are undatable, although there are some important things that anyone who wishes to date a single mom should be aware of.Source: According to Cafe Mom, there are roughly 10 million single mothers in America.Anyone who dates a single mother should understand that her children will always come first.

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Source: When dating, it is not uncommon for people to play mind games, such as 'hard to get' or intentionally work to make the object of their affection wonder whether or not they are truly interested.

While these games may still appeal to certain individuals, single mothers are unlikely to fall into this category. It greatly changes one's outlook on life and minimizes one's patience for mind games.

Mixing the story of The Wizard of Oz with Todrick Hall's life story and beliefs, this modernized musical remake of The Wizard of Oz takes the classic and covers themes such as love, gay rights, police brutality, and more.

Believing true love can never be found he feels no remorse when he dates Zombies.

When people share children, they co-parent with one another even if they are not together.

This does not mean that the single mom is still romantically involved with the father of her children.

At some point, a person is likely to encounter a single person with children.

Below is a list of crucial things for potential suitors to know.

There are so many factors and matters to take into consideration in the world of dating and attempting to find love.

However, the game becomes arguably more complex when someone is dating a single mother.

In between his romances Clarence finds time to hunt and eliminate nuisance Zombies called A-Listers.

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