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We’ve put together an experts guide to Danish cultural landmarks and monuments, with our top ten places to visit as well as a full list of Historic Sites in Denmark, which shouldn’t be ignored if you have the time.

These are still incredibly well-preserved and can be viewed at the site.

Gorm was buried in the larger one, although the second one is not thought to have been used.

Restored to its original glory as it would have looked in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Kronborg Slot is now open to the public.

Inside its opulent walls, visitors can view its incredibly long sixteenth century Great Hall as well as the statue of and exhibition about Viking chief Holger Dansk. Kronborg Slot is also the setting for Shakespeare’s famous play, and the castle often hosts festivals in the bard’s honour. For the Casemates, these take place at am and pm and for the Royal Apartments, these take place at am and pm.

However, in 1749, Amalienborg Slot became a royal palace after Christiansborg Slot was destroyed in a fire.

The four buildings are divided into Christian IX’s Palace, Christian VII’s Palace, Christian VIII’s Palace (now the Amalienborg Museum) and Frederik VIII’s Palace.Over time, Kronborg Slot was renovated by its successive royal owners, notably by Frederik II who transformed it into a Renaissance masterpiece, resplendent with towers, sculptures, columns and an imposing spire, making it a symbol of his own power.Burned down in 1629, rebuilt by Christian IV and then ravaged by Swedish forces in 1658, Kronborg Slot has undergone a series of changes over the centuries.This site features as one of our Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Denmark.Jelling is an impressive and significant archaeological Viking site in Denmark containing a series of important tenth century finds.The first incarnation of Kronborg Slot or Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark was constructed in the 1420’s by Erik of Pomerania.

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