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The release of Red Hot Blue became the template for many charity projects that followed.Its one-and-a-half-hour TV special, hosted by Richard Gere, Carrie Fisher and Kyle Mac Lachlan aired on World AIDS Day during prime time on ABC. In 1992, Red Hot produced the second in the series: Red Hot Dance features remixes and original tracks by major club artists, remixed by some of the most influential DJs and producers in the world.Its mission is to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV and related health and social issues.

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Offbeat combines elements of ambient, spoken word, and hip hop to expand the ideas of artistic collage and spiritual transcendence of the Beat.

The album is an offshoot of a larger project called The Beat Experience, which explored the legacy of the Beat movement.

The EP recordings were eventually followed-up by a full-length CD including several tracks absent on the vinyl EPs.

Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip and America Is Dying Slowly (another acronym for AIDS) followed in 1996.

The high concept: to match some of the most exciting performers in hip-hop with some of the finest performers in jazz…

The result: a landmark album that brilliantly harnesses the fire of rap and the cool of jazz, transcending genres and generations." A documentary film focusing on the impact of AIDS on communities of color was broadcast on PBS in tandem with the album release, and released on home video by Poly Gram Video.

1995 brought Red Hot Bothered—an anthology of the indie rock scene from the 1990s.

The recording initially appeared as a pair of 10" EP recordings (Red Hot Bothered, Volume I, Number 1 and Red Hot Bothered Volume I, Number 2), bundled with limited edition fanzines, spoofing dating guides with advice from well-known artists and writers aimed at reaching the audience on a variety of issues, including relationships, love, sex and the impact of AIDS.

It features original tracks and covers from bands that went on to define the alternative rock scene of the 1990s.

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