Document review and updating

Other author currently editing the document All authors currently editing the document Changes from other authors available on the server When you save your changes on the server, any updates from other authors are automatically refreshed in the document.Updates from other authors are refreshed automatically only if they don't conflict with changes that you made.

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Caution: Before you can accept or reject another author's changes in a blocked area, you must remove that author's block.

You should only remove a block when you know that all other authors are finished editing the document.

In this manner, you maintain just a single copy of the document.

If people make revisions, they do so in the same copy.

When you save a document in a library on your organization's Share Point site, you and your colleagues have a central location for accessing the document.

You can send a link instead of sending an attachment.

When you and your colleagues want to collaborate on a document, use real-time co-authoring to see everyone’s changes as they happen.

Collaboration is a simple three step process: You save the document to One Drive or Share Point Online, so others can work in it. When they open and work in the document in Word for Mac 2016 you'll see each other’s changes as soon as they're made.

To work with Share Point in Office for Mac, you have to have Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011, Microsoft Office for Mac Academic 2011, or Microsoft Office for Mac Standard 2011.

With the document open on your computer, you can see who else is editing the document, who is editing a specific paragraph, and when updates from other authors are available on the server.

For more information about saving your files, including how to save to a different location on an online service, see Save a file in Office for Mac.

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