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Also, for me, the other big drawback of this type of meter is the range it reads goes from ‘less than’ 20 microwatts/cm2 – ‘over’ 100 microwatts/cm2. S., the upper allowable radiation limit is 1000 microwatts/cm2, so whilst this meter would be fine for Europe, Russia etc (where the upper limit is only 10 microwatts/cm2) it doesn’t provide enough information for North America.And yes, whilst obviously, anything over 10 microwatts/cm2 is not safe, I still want to know HOW much radiation over the safe limit my kids (and I! The other feature about this meter you need to keep in mind is that it reads BOTH RF (radio frequency) microwave radiation and magnetic fields.

Also like the one above, this one is only a single-axis meter.

So if you want to measure the radiation in any given spot, you need to rotate and point the meter at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading.

As a mom, you’ll likely want to test primarily for: If you can’t be bothered to read through the detailed meter descriptions below and you just want to know: What’s the cheapest, easiest meter that can measure pretty much everything?

Then this Cornet 8 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional $179.90 free shipping) will cover all your needs.

This meter is much cheaper than the Tenmars below because it only measures radiation coming from one direction, whereas the Tenmars meter below measures radiation coming from all sides.

This meter also only measures electrical and RF, wheras the Tri-Field measure magnetic fields as well.

Well, children are now beginning to have these problems.” Once you know what you’re dealing with, then you can take steps to reduce or eliminate their radiation load – I’ll get into all that in a separate article.

For now, let’s just look at what RF meters are on the market, at what price, and what each of them do to measure wifi signal strength – so that you can find the right one for your needs and budget.

So if you just want to know whether a spot or room is “safe” this meter is fine, but if you want to know how much radiation above 30 microwatts/cm2 is present, then you’re out of luck (remember, US and Canada upper allowable limit is 1000 microwatts/cm2).

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