Filtering data and validating data in excel

Finally, because this technique relies on a VBA sub procedure (short, so don't panic), save the workbook as a macro-enabled workbook if you're using the format. Auto Filter _ Field:=1, _ Criteria1:=str Filter, _ Operator:=xl Filter Values End Sub All the pieces are in place and you can start filtering.

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Dim str Filter As String str Filter = "*" & [B5] & "*" Debug. As a result, the filter string is *M* and the filter returns any record that contains an M in the Name field, as shown in Figure K.

Figure KContinue typing until the filter has enough characters to find the right record.

In addition, it might help you in those instances when the built-in options aren't flexible enough. You can work with any simple data set or download the demonstration or file (which also contains the Data Validation find example from last month).

We'll use the Table object, which isn't supported by the format, in the first solution.

If its limitations won't impact use, use the Table solution. The first thing you need is a Table, so let's generate one from a simple data set as follows: Admittedly, the example is a bit contrived; the name values aren't autonomous (on purpose).

In a perfect world, your data is always perfect, and your users know what to do with it.If you're using the format or if you're using but don't want to use the Table object (because of inherent limitations), you can use the second technique, which relies on a dynamic range.Using Excel's Table object provides the easiest solution, because everything updates as users enter data.Figure LThe Auto Filter method triggers the filtering feature, as if you'd clicked the drop-down and chosen a value yourself.The Field argument specifies the first column in the Table.The second argument species the filtering string, which you supply by entering characters into the text box control. The example data is simple, but you can see how easily your users will adjust to using this custom filtering control.

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