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So, there are..still includes people who are into ABDL which Adult Baby Diaper Lovers.

Oh, I hope I got that one right and I never ever, ever asked anybody if that's what it truly meant but, I'm almost 100% sure that's what it means.

It's called "A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World's Largest Experiment Reveals about Human Desire".

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So when you say kink, would you say that's the more acceptable word and that's the more common word used for this kind of stuff today or is kind of the cool word? kids call it." [John Baku]: I wish I knew what the cool kids did.

I don't know what the hipsters call it but, I tend to use the word kinky just because it just doesn't bring negative connotations but, it is all encompassing.

Perhaps most interesting for you guys, the different demographics and the interests that you'll find inside Fet Life.

If you feel some of the sexual expression discussed today, the ones that are a bit more on the fringes versus the standard norm, you may find that it's useful to go to Fet and start exploring that, and talking with people there.

Maybe the kink / BDSM area doesn't interest you as much.

However, this is an interesting topic for everyone because there is a part of every woman's mind that is interested in this.

If you ever wondered what people get up to in BDSM - bondage, domination, sadist, masochist - today is where you're going to learn about how it all goes down.

We’re going to be looking into many, many more sexual fantasies, and fetishes, and kink.

When I'm thinking about it, it does kind of have a negative derogatory sense.

Like people start to think of I don't know, guys wearing Pampers and more extreme stuff should we say and not the norm.

"A Billion Wicked Thoughts" has captured what people are searching for online and all of the types of communities and websites that have sprung up to serve this demand. Now Fet Life, if you don't know what it is - I mean, not a lot of people do - it is basically the Facebook of BDSM, fetish, and kink, and alternative sexual expression.

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