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I prefer it over pure fluorocarbon for spinning reels because of it's low memory relative to fluoro lines.

My drag was extremely lose and I was not horseing the fish in at all. I fish around 75 days a year and I've tried a lot of the other mono's and co-poly's. From: Comments: I have not had any issues with this line like a few other Review's below me.

I just spooled the reel the day before so it was not old line. From: Comments: The CX Premium in 6,8, and 10 lb is my preferred line for spinning gear. I use Cx premium on My spinning Reels at 8lb and use it for Shakey Head, Texas rig and fish it where you should not be fishing this light of line but it has never let me down.

I have tried the cxx on my spinner reels & wads up & does not cast well but the cx is really easy to work with.

4/21/16 Comments: Several years ago, a guide on a Texas big bass lake recommended this line as an alternative to expensive fluorocarbon. I have never had any problems with line breakage that others have mentioned, although the knot will break easily if you use a Palomar or Clinch knot. This line does have some stretch, but not as much as pure monofilament.

Its all I use and will ever use, cast smoothly with very minimal memory super strong knots super thin diameter. From: Comments: Low memory, stretch, and great sensitivity. I use 15lb on my baitcast and everytime I snag, I fear for my rod and reel.

From: Comments: I used the 10lb on 2 medium action baitcasting outfits for jerkbait fishing this spring and it preformed well. The most force I have ever used to free a snag, 80% of the time I will get my lure back with bent hooks.

P-Line's CX Premium Fluorocarbon Coated Line is one of the most innovative lines available, combining copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies.

With low memory and improved limpness, CX Premium eliminates the line nightmares of a spinning reel, and improves casting distance with a baitcasting reel.

I fish several times each week and I am not afraid to throw this stuff in the gnarliest of cover.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for good line that doesn't break the bank.

I will say that I haven't tried that Seaguar Tatsu line but I can't bring myself to pay that much for Flurocarbon when I can get a quality product like P-Line CX Premium for less than half the price.

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