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Place the computer in a well-trafficked area in the home where the whole family can use it, rather than out of sight in a bedroom.

The computer should be set up where it is easy for parents to see the screen and monitor behavior.

Chat sites are a great way to meet people online and can be lots of fun.

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Free online unmonitored chat rooms

Make sure they understand it is not necessarily their fault if such e-mail arrives.

Let your child know that you are there to talk anytime, about anything they come across that may cause discomfort.

As children can be under threat from dangerous persons masquerading as kids in chat rooms.

Inform your child that whatever they are told online may or may not be true.

This means it won’t try to upsell you on unnecessary equipment, pressure you into spending beyond your budget, or hit you with hidden costs, policies, or other unwanted surprises after you’ve signed a contract. Over the years, we’ve found that the best home security systems excel in these areas: What you’re really looking for in a home security system is the assurance that your home, your family, and your life are secure, even when you’re not at home.

What makes one home security system the best option for you depends on which key features are important to you and what your home requires.

Tell your children if they receive any obscene, abusive or threatening messages, they shouldn't respond, but to let you know, and you should consider telling your Internet service provider.

Monitor your child's use of chat rooms and keep them out of those that are unmonitored.

Click CEOP is a new ‘app’ launched in 2010 which links the young user directly from their Facebook profile to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre – the police agency set up to tackle child abuse.

By adding the app, young people and parents can get support from CEOP on a range of issues – viruses, hacking, dealing with bullying online and they can report someone who is acting inappropriately towards them online.

The overall plot is loosely narrated by an elderly man named Marius, who follows the Dark Wanderer on his travels and sees the horrors he unleashes as Diablo increasingly gains control over him.

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