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With the US joining WWII and metal shortages production of the UB1 finished in 1942 and Gibson never restarted Banjolele production after the war ended.

This design proved to be more robust that the bowl back Mandolins and was easier to mass produce so in 1898 he patented it and in 1902 incorporated his Gibson Mandolin & Guitar Co.

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I have also read but not seen that some cutaway tenors were produced in the 60’s.

These had a flap in the resonator at the rear to vary the sound between open and closed back and a big body for a Banjolele as they were originally based on the Banjo Mandolin but the number of strings was reduced to 4.

In 1944 Gibson was purchased by Chicago Musical Instruments and in 1969 Chicago Musical Instruments, was taken over by E.

(The exception to the current lack of production, is Gibson currently own the Epiphone brand and they currently do produce a couple of Ukulele's.

In 1949 an early attempt at an electric Ukulele was tried by fitting special steel strings and a pickup to a Tenor.

It should be fruitless here that the kitchen of any dreadful is an important person in its go.

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And while on the topic of famous historic names Gibson currently own, there is also Dobro and Slingerland but as they are not being used for any Ukulele branding currently, though they were before Gibson took them over, both of these get their own entries too.

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