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They survive, complete the mission, and return home safely.

Auggie Anderson, a blind agent, is Annie's guide in her new life at the DPD (Domestic Protection Division) at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Her first mission is to retrieve information from a Russian spy at a hotel. Annie makes it out of the room but forgets to retrieve the intel.

Annie is assigned to "walk-in" duty where she meets a boy-genius and his mother.

The boy has seemingly acquired real, viable intelligence that puts both him and his mother in danger.

After agreeing to help Annie out, the Venezuelans are flown out of the country to protect them.

When a routine exchange is compromised in Zurich, Annie finds herself on the run from the authorities.

However, Joan and her husband Arthur Campbell know who Ben Mercer is, but not what his intentions are.

They decide to keep Annie in the field in hopes that Ben will reemerge from wherever he is hiding.

Annie is tasked by the DPD to uncover a leak within the Senate, but as Annie begins to hunt for the truth, she finds there's more beneath the surface than once thought.

Also, Auggie is brought in as a handler for the Special Ops unit he used to work under, and Annie suspects her sister's husband is cheating on Danielle (Anne Dudek).

She then finds herself at odds with Eyal Lavin (Oded Fehr), a senior Mossad agent with whom she was supposed to be doing the exchange and whom she only meets at the safe house after the failure.

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