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The presentation layer should not contain any references to such data access code, but should instead make calls into the DAL for any and all data requests.Data Access Layers typically contain methods for accessing the underlying database data.Introduction Step 1: Creating a Web Project and Connecting to the Database Step 2: Creating the Data Access Layer Step 3: Adding Parameterized Methods to the Data Access Layer Step 4: Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data Step 5: Completing the Data Access Layer Summary As Web developers, our lives revolve around working with data.

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The web application was built using Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition as a file system-based Web site project.

However, all of the tutorials will work equally well with the free version of Visual Studio 2005, Visual Web Developer.

These scripts can be also be downloaded directly from Microsoft, if you'd prefer.

If you use a different SQL Server version of the Northwind database, you will need to update the file.

Assuming you have SQL Server 2005 Express Edition installed on your machine you should see a node named NORTHWND.

MDF in the Server Explorer, which you can expand and explore its tables, views, stored procedure, and so on (see Figure 2).

Keep in mind, however, that Access databases aren't as feature-rich as SQL Server, and aren't designed to be used in web site scenarios.

Furthermore, a couple of the 35 tutorials will utilize certain database-level features that aren't supported by Access.

This will bring up the Add Connection dialog box, where you can specify the server to connect to, the authentication information, and the database name. NET page's code portion or using the Sql Data Source control from the markup portion.

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