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There's no easy way of proving that OP got herpes from the previous partner.Reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases in Kansas City, Missouri, rose last year, in some cases dramatically, in part due to increased testing and outreach by health authorities.

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Your doctor or the clinic you used can provide you with a copy of your test results.

Unless you specifically requested it, I'd bet that you were not tested for herpes, either.

Obviously if your ex knew he had herpes and lied about it he did a terrible thing and you may have a legal case against him, but you would have to prove in court that he knew he had the virus and lied to you about it. Most STI tests don't check for herpes, for the very simple reason that about 2/3 of the adult population world-wide has it.

Also, some people who have it are asymptomatic, or they don't get symptoms for years after infection. There is a reason herpes and glitter are synonymous. Just because you think you got it from him doesn't make it so. She may not be able to be compensated for his actions, but that’s not the end of the discussion.

People can have the virus for years and never show any symptoms and be completely unaware they are carriers, yet still spread the virus to others.

The second thing is herpes is not normally tested in a standard STD panel.

I texted him and he said that he was sorry, that he didn't know. I know have not only physical pain, and trust me, I got it BAD. Most of the doctors I’ve seen refused to even test me for herpes, usually telling me that it’s so common that I should assume that I do have it (50-80% of people have oral herpes/cold sores, 20-25% have genital herpes, and the vast majority don’t even know they have it because they’ve never had an outbreak), and that getting the diagnosis/the stigma is often more harmful than the herpes itself.

But he wasn't freaked out like you think a person should be. Physician here, but I don't do any primary care so I looked up what the CDC says.

The problem is that you may have gotten it before him. She went on to have 3 healthy children without spreading it to us (or our dad). Many people having herpes is irrelevant to this situation.

Herpes tests aren't very accurate, false negatives are very common, that's why they're not included on routine STI screening.

So it could have been any of your partners despite having been tested. As others have said, it isn’t tested for unless specifically requested. It spreads like wildfire and there’s no way to tell who got it from whom. Also, a significant portion of the sexually active population has herpes. He is likely giving it to other women and that is abhorrent behavior.

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