How to message a girl on a dating site

A more natural approach would be "Hey, I like kayaking too. " Because then you're asking questions to get to know her. Guys who are older and looking for something serious don't want a girl my age and those who are my age want sex immediately. I think that if you open with something purely physical ("you're handsome") you set the tone and standard of the conversation.

I know I had a few people message me back and say "sorry, not my type" and stuff like that. I wouldn't let one match ruin your experience! I would message with "Hi, I'm _____" and follow it up with something about their profile and some questions pertient to their profile.

I honestly got less of a response than my "Hey, how are you? Thank god for OKC filtering otherwise my inbox would be full to bursting with 40-year-old men asking me to do the sex.

The third is just to do it all in an interesting but brief way so that the message doesn't get lost in the tons that girls get.

If I got a message like /u/newdaytoday1's I would probably reply but I don't think I would be expecting them to be someone really interesting that I'd love to have a conversation with.

Lastly there are a plethora of women I've seen on Ok C who specifically say in their profile; "don't message me if you're just interested in sex" or "don't just comment on my looks".

They're going to assume certain things about a guy messaging them and opening with physical appearance instead of personality, so why wouldn't a guy assume certain things about a girl who opens the same way? To be blunt it might depend on how often the guy got messaged but I don't reply to people who message something bland like "how was your weekend? I will however read their profile and will likely reply with a message of my own if they seem interesting.

I feel I have this issue but it only happens to me online when meeting someone new, I have never had trouble keeping a conversation in person.

The ones that fizzle out are the ones that never try to dig deeper than "do you have siblings" or "do you like Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker better?

Otherwise, I mostly got either "Hi, how are you" messages, copypastas (some unusually long and creepy) and the occasional good message I would reply to.

But I learned quickly that because I present myself as a nerdy girl, most nerd guys would latch onto that and only ask me about my favorite Firefly character and the conversation would fizzle out eventually.

I agree but double standards and the fact that a guy's box will be empty compared to hers means she most likely get a response if she meets a threshold if cuteness and first message ifs not crazy.

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