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“If Hollywood studios started losing money like the Montgomery bus system did during the civil rights movement, we might see change.” This issue is becoming global.Nate did a presentation with Seoul Institute of the Arts and Korean filmmakers asked him about diversity in American film making.USC is the number one film program in the world but also ranks lowest in diversity.

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Thomas doesn’t expect the Oscars to change anytime soon.

“Not until you hit them in the pocketbooks,” Thomas said.

About Grant Money: Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been donating money to the California State University, Northridge Cinema and Television Arts program since 1996.

These gifts, over the past 20 years, have totaled $1 million. The HFPA says it gave CSUN the grant because of its focus on diversifying its student body –an issue in the Hollywood spotlight right now.

He says he’s been talking about diversity in the Academy Awards since Cuba Gooding Jr.

won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1997 for Jerry Mc Guire.

When it comes to getting an MFA, the scholarships funded by this grant could be a free ride for someone, Thomas says.

This money also allows the school to attract students by helping pay for education.

You can blame the Motion Picture Academy all you want, but in reality we don’t have enough diversity of product.

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