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That girl was feeling ugly and used you to boost her ego. - More indications of interest...though a lot of them are attention whores, I've long maintained that it's far better to approach a girl you catch checking you out than approach a girl cold. (maybe I am too nice and attract to many 5s) and 8s that want a relationship. I'm fat and OK looking, but I constantly attract gay guys or lesbians and not always the hot looking lesbians. I don't want to be an asshole so I end up chatting with them all only to find out they're gay(chicks) or they thought I was(dudes and chicks).

I'm 6'3 and have a mix of Mediterranean and Northern European features. On top of them: I find girls with self-esteem issues, usually 6-7s, problems come out even more around me. Unless I am being "cocky-funny." Girls who have to talk about them self non-stop will usually insult me or tell me that I they don't like what I have. I find it easiest for myself to bring home wicked sluts, 6s... One time this hot chick chatted me up to try and get in a 3some with her and some dude she was with. I wish I could use it to get the straight chicks homing in on me like that.

[but I'll still fuck him anyways]' - LTR game; female feelings of inadequacy get annoying and go away. Every guy should learn some game, but if you look good, you don't need to use as much game (in fact, a good-looking guy who overgames looks like a dolt). Countless approaches will seem cold and on the verge of dying, when the girl is just intimidated by you. Contrast game with a tasteful, modest intellectual tinge to your conversations works nicely, as many think hot dudes are dumb. I thought the whole point of game was understanding what it takes to get the lizard into bed or to do what one wants. Just it about going through the entire repetoire of 'game' without noticing which triggers she is responding to?

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Most of them, as soon as I get their attention they back off strongly. One time this hot chick chatted me up to try and get in a 3some with her and some dude she was with. I wish I could use it to get the straight chicks homing in on me like that.

Might just be the spot, the venue I normally go to has a big reputation in the area for having really pretentious clientèle harder, as such your Alpha frame needs to be made of steel. If you choose to double up on that with cocky funny, youll come across as a raging douchebag that will turn off many prospects and make every guy hate you.

There's nothing wrong with acknowledging when another man is handsome.

Chicks like to think they're not totally in thrall to their vag.

I mean, of course he's an extreme case ( Villa in Italian Lakes etc) but anyone who ever reads a gossip column sees George Clooney trades in chicks every couple years and openly says he's never getting married again.

If a guy LOOKS like that and isn't a total Beta, even the most robust rationalization hamster will have trouble thinking she'll keep him on track.

Him: Anesthesiologist who looks like your freshman-year roommate with the thinning hair and the Dave Matthews obsession. Him: Guitarist for Good Charlotte who still wears his baseball caps backward at age thirty-eight. Another theory: Sometimes—rarely—that bad-boy mystique slays well past high school.

@DC I've considered this, but it happens a lot, and/or I'll see the girl dancing will multiple "non threatening" guys throughout the night. As far as I know I haven't hung out in any bars where gay folks frequent but they appear to be everywhere. You have to apply game differently than how it's presented for the masses. If you're a guy who's a 9, you're already conveying high value and superiority from your physical looks.

If he's trying to convince LTR girls he's not a player and Lol, Vincent Chase is not above average. That's why he plays the character he does - it wouldn't make sense if he were merely above average.

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