Intimidating things to say during a fight

"You don't have to solve this—it helps me just to talk to you."This is a good response to any "quit whining" complaints—a non-confrontational way to let him know you need a considerate ear not a contrary opinion. "Please try to understand my point of view."One of the first things to fly out the window during an argument is empathy.The more the accusations escalate, the more narrow-minded both parties get.A spectacular head kick stopped Long in 40 seconds in front of his passionate home support in Newport, Wales.

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The Croatian hadn’t even celebrated his 23 birthday by the time he dethroned Mankowski on the champion’s home soil, but he’s made a habit of overcoming the odds throughout his career.

As an adrenaline fueled 15-year-old, Soldic began training in judo.

"I can see my part in this."The fastest way to a nasty, no-solution impasse is to unload all the blame on one side.

Yeah sure, you may think it's justified, but no one likes to be singled out as the only problem.

He still remembers his peers’ laughter as he would jog by them in cafes, baffled by his choice of fitness over “drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes”.

At 18, Soldic competed for the first time in MMA, stopping a vastly more experienced prospect, again in front of his home crowd.I asked my manager what happened and they did not give him an answer. “I can remember Lew Long said he would only need 20 seconds to beat me, look what happened to him. Here are Your Tango's top picks from that list and why we think they work so well.1.“Everybody saying that I’m special now, but I still work hard. I don’t think this has come from the sky or from God, I know how hard it is to be on this level. It wouldn’t matter how much money I have because I will still work because this is in my blood.Since the day I start I have never missed training. The brutal truth is that this will get you nowhere with your boyfriend., compiled a list of 23 phrases that can help couples turn a verbal brawl back down to a constructive fight.

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