Issues with dating truck drivers

Air date: Apr 29, 2018Looking Back, but Looking Forward…

- Mark Reddig talks with several of OOIDA’s leaders about Jim Johnston’s legacy and what he accomplished in his long career serving America’s truck drivers.

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They’re more likely to make a late delivery if they’re short on drivers, and the fines they incur chip away at the extra money they need to offer to incentivize workers to sign up. In addition to bonuses, fleets can offer more desirable routes and less time on the road as selling points to become a driver.

Many companies are already putting these perks on the table, and still coming up short for hires.

Retailers and manufacturers are feeling the pinch as a result.

Problems like product shortages, delivery delays and higher prices are just some of the impacts.

The demands of the job are steep, even with recent regulations limiting time on the road, and keep many otherwise qualified drivers from applying.

The hours are long and don’t allow for much of a home life.

In addition, it’s a largely male field, with only 6% women in its workforce.

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