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A Turkish court remanded American pastor Andrew Brunson back to prison on Wednesday until his next court hearing on Oct.12 despite earlier reports suggesting that the Presbyterian pastor could be released after nearly two years in prison.

There are many of them that are cultural teachings and spiritual sounding clichés that have snuck into the Church, got baptized, and then joined the ranks of our jargon.

This month has seen some huge judicial victories for God's people here in America. With great sadness I said what was on my heart to say.

In Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI clearly recognized that the gift of sex, by its nature, can easily devolve into self-interested mutual use, or even unilateral imposition, if it is not ordered to a good held in common: in particular, children. Richards, Jr., a self-described "Christian person of color," is expressing concern over the potential impacts the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

His dissatisfaction with Kavanaugh's nomination seems to be proffered in such a way as to suggest that black Christians are, or should be, primarily, if not solely, concerned about matters that subjectively fall under the ever-expanding and ambiguous banner of "social justice." Some were more offended by the image of a noose than the fact that those made in the image of God have been slaughtered by the millions.

1 digital chart position for gospel releases and to the No. In his comments to Campbell, Mc Clurkin further stated, “You laid hands and prayed for me before you got in the booth and started singing. That anointing on you is real.” It is no secret that 40-year-old Campbell, who has been making headlines all year long due to the drama-filled adultery saga with her husband Teddy Campbell, believes in the power of prayer.

When her marital issues were at their worst, in May 2013, she made a public plea to fans and supporters to fast and pray daily for 30 days, citing James , “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” Today, Tina and Teddy Campbell are together, continuing to work on their relationship and grow together in love.

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My husband and I just got married 4 months ago and got pregnant pretty quickly after our wedding.

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