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Megan Araujo, 28: Segment Producer One of the geniuses responsible for conceiving, planning, and filming the dates (clearly a helicopter and rappelling-off-the-side-of-a-building enthusiast), Megan is somewhat of a romance master (um, can she plan my next anniversary dinner, please? She's worked on the show for four years and 12 seasons and got her own love story out of it—her fiancé also works on the show!

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This comparison gave us a sort of ‘publicity factor’, that showed which riders captured the most publicity in comparison with their snowboarding ability.

If we had included Jesse Csincsak within our look at 100 great snowboarders, he would have come in at an incredible 3The difference between Jesse Csincsak and the other famous snowboarders is the way he became and is maintaining his celebrity.

Women who get super excited to watch the romantic dates play out, women who can relate to the process, and women who have a front-row view of all the action and are learning a thing or two about love as they create it.

But since the role of producer is often veiled in mystery, I caught up with four of the women who make our Monday nights so much fun to get the inside scoop on what they do and find out what dating wisdom they've gleaned from giving us the best two hours of entertainment currently on television (#Emmy Snub).

article we found a way to rank the snowboarders who have the most influence on our sport.

One of the things we looked at for each rider was a comparison of the quantity of information in the internet against the quantity of news coverage.Being the smart women that we are, watching the show is basically a crash course in dating—more of what do, but a great way to learn some love lessons nonetheless.But you know who else is learning some useful love lessons from the show? That's right, those proverbial puppeteers we all shout about ("The producers must have put her up to that!Even more interesting though is how Deanna’s bachelor rejects have struck up a very close “bromance” since the show ended.A group of the guys including Jesse, Jeremy Anderson (a lawyer from Dallas, TX), Richard Mathy (a science teacher from Binghamton, NY) and Brian Westendorf (a high school football coach from married high school teacher Stephen Stagliano on Saturday in Palmetto, Ga. Viewers will remember that Pappas got engaged to her season’s winning bachelor professional snowboarder Jesse Csincsak in 2008.

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