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Your GP and medical team must know about your advance decision so they can include it in your medical notes.You should review it regularly, and can change it at any time.

An advance decision to refuse treatment: An advance decision does not need to be in writing unless you are refusing potentially life-sustaining treatment.

However, it is good practice to write it down and give a copy to your loved ones and all involved in your care.

You must make sure that you clearly communicate and record these changes, being sure to date and sign it.

If you want to refuse potentially life-sustaining treatment your decision must be in writing, signed, witnessed, and include the statement ‘even if life is at risk as a result.’ The rules about how an advance decision and Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Care interact can be complicated.

You should discuss your advance decision with a healthcare professional who knows your medical history and the risks and benefits of refusing certain treatments.

You may also want to discuss it with your family and friends so that they understand your wishes.

However, there are many postcards that were never mailed or that a part of the post mark is illegible or soiled.

Here are some general guidelines to help determine the age range of your post card.

Real photo postcards are actual photographs printed on postcard paper. There may be some indication on the back of the card about the type of photo paper used - this is often indicated by the stamp box, which will be visible if your postcard is unused. The postage stamp can help you figure out an approximate age of your postcard.

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