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Women talk about birth control and diaphragms, which may raise questions from curious teens.

Rachel rents lesbian porn and some porn sounds are audible.

I just wanted to work bloody hard in that role; I had no idea what had gone on behind the scenes.'Working hard is something that Headey believes passionately in.

'We met at a wedding, actually,' she says with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

It’s that time of the year again – the dreaded V-Day.

" /Though Rachel does find herself attracted to someone else at her wedding and does kiss her, Rachel, Luce, and Heck all handle it in a very responsible, respectful manner. The film also shows how lying about who you're attracted to makes everyone miserable.

Rob and Cooper are both womanizers, constantly trying to "shag" whomever's around.

Rachel and Heck kiss in the bushes and meet a gay male couple who met there, as well.

The implication is that they were all planning to have sex there, separately.Moving to Los Angeles would probably help her career, but I doubt it would suit the straight-talking Headey.On the issue of pressure to conform to a certain body shape, for example, she is refreshingly candid.Back in her preferred uniform of scruffy jeans and Converse trainers, Headey jokes about her refusal to wear the skimpy underwear the stylist was hoping for - 'I was like, no way! ' - and confesses she found the experience 'traumatising'. I guess the dream is to have both a long career and a normal life.' It's with a degree of stealth, then, that Headey has become one of the busiest and most respected young actresses on both sides of the Atlantic (without so much as a red-carpet antic or strategic seduction of a famous co-star).Given that this 32-year-old British actress has been in the business since 1992 (the producers of Waterland spotted her in a school play, aged 17), the fact that she has avoided such photo shoots until now reveals much about her attitude towards the business. The director of her latest film describes her as 'fiercely intelligent, warm, funny, beautiful, a complete natural', while studio bosses at Miramax wanted her so badly for the lead in last year's The Brothers Grimm that they famously overrode director Terry Gilliam's choice of Samantha Morton for the part.'When actresses say they aren't bothered about it, that they don't diet, or whatever, that's bullshit.

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