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After graduating college, Menard purchased some land for an office and a shop.

He added manufacturing capabilities to the site, including lumber and doors. By 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold.

In 1998, a second distribution center was opened in Plano, Illinois.

It is the third largest home improvement store, trailing behind Home Depot and Lowe’s.

In 2016, the company moved up the list, now ranking 37th on the Forbes list, along with an estimated annual revenue of $8.7 billion.

He did offer to order the chairs that were supposed to come with the set which would take several days to get to the store and we would have to go back to the store to pick them up. He allowed $900 to walk out of his store instead of taking a $100 hit (which most likely would not have shown up in profits at all) Sales 101…never let money walk out the door and definitely not into the arms of the competitors!!! Finally received our order today, except for one last roll of fencing which will take another week to get!

Especially if it is an error on the store and not the customer!!!! This is not a business that I care to deal with again! I have had to continually call them, not once until tonight have they called me!!! I will tell you, either I get my order first thing tomorrow am, or I will get my money back!!! Whole story about the delivery guy just taking off was bs as well. Honestly, he is the only truthful person we dealt with the entire time.

Thank you Chris Fisher for being an incompetent GM of a brand new Menards store and losing money and a new customer…because obvious the customer and sale was so low of a priority to you! I’m sure other complaints will eventually follow with this guy, unless someone who values the customer replaces this ego power driven man with no experience! So was the whole story about the truck driver a lie?? Sincerely, J Terlikowski , Reply My experience was at the Menards in St. My parents, husband, and I went to look at tile for their bathroom floor.

Reply On 5/25/18 I ordered over 00 in fencing in the Woodstock IL. After looking for some time, they decided on a tile that they might like.

They decided to buy a box, take it home, and determine if it was right for them.

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