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They're still together and doing better than ever as they take life and love one day at a time.They're also not afraid to share their journey in hopes of helping other couples avoid the mistakes they made, and their new book reflects much of their story.Jesus sends a couple of his disciples to fetch this young donkey from a house nearby.

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One commentator points out that it’s quite possible that the animal is so small that Jesus’ feet would be dragging on the ground. Not only that, the people start shouting: “Hosanna!

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Sometimes we like to think of things like this as spontaneous, but Jesus knew what he was doing.

That is why I am so thankful that Mark and Grace Driscoll wrote this book.

Their approach to marriage, its benefits and challenges are transparent and challenging and I honestly believe that every married couple who will work through what they lead us through in this book will not just merely have a marriage that survives in this world but rather thrives in it." — PERRY NOBLE Senior Pastor, New Spring Church"Our thanks to Mark and Grace Driscoll who have served this generation well by tastefully but boldly addressing the real issues facing real marriages.

Join our panel in examining the good, bad and ugly in ABC's top-rated reality love-fest.

Oh, and there's a little bit of Bronco love on the front end, because hey, [] - Mark and Grace Driscoll's marriage should be a bad statistic, but by the grace of God, it's not.

We talk about some of it here as Mark and Grace unpack themes like friendship, men in marriage, respect, the effects of abuse and other important lessons. I'll have more once I bully Dave into downloading them off his camera.

[] - She knows she's infatuated: sitting on Facebook staring dreamily at guys' profiles or making up details about men she's never met certainly fits the description. Candice is in the hot seat with advice to help this dreamer get a grip on reality.

Taking the unchanging truth of God’s word and sprinkling in is the story of God’s mercy in their own marriage they have filled every chapter with real helpfulness.

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