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The customers are sincerely welcome to visit these branches and meet their beloved Ukrainian women in person.

So, branches are situated in: Lutsk is a town with beautiful traditions, situated in the Western part of Ukraine. A lot of ancient castles delight tourists who come to visit Lutsk, but there are a lot of modern biuldings in this city as well.

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To truly experience the beauty of Nikolaev, you must spend time outdoors.

The quay of the Ingul River allows you to relax and take in the city.

Nikolaev has much more to offer tourists than beautiful Ukrainian women.

The city was founded in 1788, near the beginning of the Russian-Turkish war. This city is a now transportation hub, featuring a sea port, airport, and railway stations.

A small population allows for the city’s rich history and culture to be preserved.

Nestled in southern Ukraine, Nikolaev appears modern with its broad streets and grid pattern to its layout.

Zaporozhye region is the historic home of the Cossacks. You can visit the world-known Cossack Horse Theatre on the Khortitsa Island with a replica of real fortress where you can easily feel yourself a real Cossack!

And the city Zaporozhye is a modern city that will impress you as well.

The men come to Ukraine and meet their beloved ladies in their native towns.

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