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Also known as 'friends with benefits.'"Sentence: "They're not dating, they're just fuck buddies."What it really means: This isn't just a term, it's a phenomenon. Definition: Ceasing contact with a romantic interest without explanation. Sentence: "If you haven't heard from him in over a week, he's probably ghosting you."What it really means: In this day and age, people feel licensed to cut off romantic contact with someone at any point, without a word.

Fuck buddies more often than not represent the very problematic nature of hookup culture, in which sexual partners view one another through an emotionless lens. Thanks to technological advances, we're no longer comfortable using our words to articulate how we feel, and so we'd rather shut someone out without explanation than be honest and real.

"What it really means: Perhaps this word isn't used as frequently as the others listed, but "boo thing" has come to be one of my absolute favorite terms.

For me, it encompasses that gray area between full-fledged relationship and one-night stand that is all too often impossible to define. "What it really means: Again, this term represents a pervasive desire to eliminate commitment and transition straight away to a purely sexual connection.

Second, for trying to redefine DTF, there are still some suggestive images in their campaign: Now, I’m no prude, but I’m having difficulty seeing the distinction between “this will lead to sexy time” vs “this is a depiction of a very deep and meaningful date activity that does not transact to sex.”The major emphasis, visually, even over the illustrations of the “enlightened alternative” to fucking, is DTF.

The extreme high contrast on this text, and the tertiary captions for the tagline and the new F phrase, makes it clear that DTF is the first thing the marketers wanted people to see. ‘I can’t believe there are DTFs splattered everywhere in public.’ ‘Billboards banned for being phallic’ (actual headline). ‘DTF’ overpowers all of the other elements of this otherwise very beautiful campaign.

Can refer to a boyfriend, girlfriend, casual hookup, etc.

Sentence: "Is that her boo thing sitting next to her?

According to the survey, the heart emoji is the Top Word for 2014, beating out the entire canon of the English language, including Ebola and the Pope.

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