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The following more examples of how hackers will compose an email to trick you: Emails which appear to be a resume.

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The attachment is often presented as a Microsoft Word document but in reality that contains malware.

Locky was spread through another campaign using this method.

It is also important to see who the sender is first before opening the email.

If it sent from an address you are not in regular contact with it is advised not to open the email.

Fortunately, despite it been such a critical area needing defense it can be fairly easily done.

It involves understanding how hackers use emails to catch users off guard so they install malware.

Despite the number of attack vectors, available email is easily used by both the experienced and inexperienced hacker.

This is a massive majority considering the sheer amount of attack vectors available to hackers.

Emails claiming to be from e-commerce giant Amazon.

This method was used to distribute the Locky ransomware and appear legitimate at first sight. This method often involves sending a mail with the subject header “Invoice XXXXX” and also have a few lines of text designed to get the user to download the attachment.

Hackers want to steal data, often from some moral prerogative, rather they want to make a quick buck.

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