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Local investigators on the trail Overland Park Detective Lance Jordan is sorting through a complicated web of finances.“There is an intricate network, often times there are different accounts and different methods of sending money,” Jordan said.

“It's very time consuming often by the time you figure where the money is going it already been to the next step or several steps ahead of you.

USC only named 55 girls in the entire nation for the award.

KCTV5 News is unraveling an international scam involving our viewers after tracking down victims across the nation in a complicated romance scheme that involved an Overland Park nurse.

“But you can do your own little investigation,” said Robles.

“It’s so easy for people to Google and find out about a person.” He points out a site called Family Watchdog on which anyone can search for offenders by name or area.

Or that their money will be replenished,” Jordan said.

Incriminating evidence leads to more victims Our investigative team traveled to rural West Virginia when the face of the scam matched a man named Mark.

This is the type of scenario members dream of when signing up for a dating site, but they are not entirely common or guaranteed.

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