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She was drawn by their status and her mother's insistence that a physician would be a great catch.

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It’s quite possible that some of us are guilty of similarly shallow standards in ideals of what we’re looking for in a date.

But then, maybe we start taking in to account the whole concept of charitable love of neighbor, and start considering that it should typically extend to our attitudes toward people’s physical appearances.

Tony, it turned out, was the team's vice president, and he invited Tucker to a game the next day. ' because I wanted to be with the players," she says. I'm not going to give him up right away.' He was always so nice to be with.

After about 10 dates, I looked at him across the table and realized I was falling in love." They have now been together for 37 years.

You might even wish you were, since the two of you seem so great together personality-wise.

But the reality is that you just can’t force chemistry.It can feel kind of confusing if you get along great with someone you’re dating but don’t actually feel physically attracted.But the truth of the matter is that if a relationship is to go somewhere like marriage, there needs to be a physical attraction. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re being virtuous or more holy by continuing to date someone you don’t desire physically.This might make us really look at our dating prospects in a different light, and we might like to think that, as good Catholics, we’re above being superficial. God created sexual attraction for a reason, or more accurately, multiple reasons – the ends of procreation and unity in marriage as the two most obvious.And yet, there’s no denying that physical chemistry with someone does seem to be calling for our attention as a significant consideration when deciding who to date. So what is a Catholic to do, when deliberating just how important, or unimportant, physical attraction should be in a potential relationship with someone?It can sometimes seem as if we have no dominion over our romantic tastes, but "humans have a lot of control and a lot of volition" in this realm, says Glenn Geher, a psychology professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz and a co-author of .

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