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PUA Lingo looks at the long-term mission and the immediate prize, offering dating tips and a variety of styles to impress.

Social Clout: 3,779 followers, 2,602 likes URL: Bragging Rights: success with women made easy The ABCs of Attraction bills itself as a truly holistic approach to improving one’s inner self, making a more attractive person overall.

As the world’s only holistic multicultural PUA base, it provides an atmosphere of confidence and accomplishment through a large well of resources.

Check out this exchange between a PUA and a prospective "target," which basically wraps up everything that's wrong PUAs in a nice tidy package that reeks of Axe and Natty Light: Him: how are you? Him: I was just checking out your pictures, and I was wondering whether you’re pre or post-op Her: hahahaha Her: the only op i’ve had is on my tonsils Her: i’m post op Him: what’s so funny ma’am?

Him :oh Him: or shall I say.Him: sorry, my brain is confused. Him: how am i supposed to answer this question Him: I’d really rather not say...

With their series “Laws of Attraction,” they cover skills like “How ABCDEF Will Get You More Girls.” Social Clout: 4,433 likes, 974 followers URL: Bragging Rights: a pickup transformation World famous dating coach Braddock pens a blog targeted at helping just about any man, often through the same “Pickup Transformation” the author crafted for himself.

Braddock’s approach is tightening up the skill level, looking for weaknesses in your game and applying his proven methods of seduction. Hooters to picking up a woman on the Maxim Top 100, he has ran the gauntlet. At Life with Soul, founder Jeremy Soul brings his full home-study course for pickup artists right to the desktop.

Social Clout: 6,267 followers, 935 likes URL: Bragging Rights: reaping the benefits of lessons learned As president and founder of Love Systems, Nick Savoy’s approach to PUA skill is rooted in understanding women better.

His successful dating bible “Magic Bullets” was culled from thousands of nights doing it the wrong way.

The Seduction blog prides itself on offering “the no holds barred truth” about what women really want.

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